Service Leadership Programs

Our Kiwanis club supports clubs in 9 schools in Orange County. The focus of these Service Leadership Programs are to develop leadership skills and a service mindset in the children that will be our leaders in the future.

K-Kids Clubs

K-Kids clubs, also known as Kiwanis Kids, are the Service Leadership Programs in the Elementary level. We believe that is never too early to develop a service-leadership mindset and build the character and self-esteem of children. We sponsor the following clubs in the local schools:

  • Andover Elementary K-Kids
  • Cypress Springs Elementary K-Kids
  • Little River Elementary K-Kids
  • Sunrise Elementary K-Kids
  • Waterford Elementary K-Kids

Builders Clubs

Our Kiwanis club supports 3 Builders Clubs. The Builders Club is known for building leaders. Students in Builders Clubs give of their time and talent to serve the teachers and students in their schools, as well as the other members of the community. We support Builders Club service projects, facilitate the Builders Club meetings, and provide mentorships. We support the following clubs:

  • Corner Lake Middle School Builders Club
  • Legacy Middle School Builders Club
  • Union Park Middle School Builders Club

Key Clubs

Key Club is the largest and oldest student-led community service leadership organization. With over 250,000 Key Club members around the world, the Key Club members are part of something bigger than themselves or their clubs. The students have opportunities for leadership training in the state through Florida Key Club and around the world through Key Club International. We support one Key Club at University High School.


CKI, or Circle K International, is the highest level of student-led organizations. At the college level, these students log more service hours per member than any other part of the Kiwanis family. Like Key Club, they have opportunities to lead at the state-level through Florida CKI and the International level through Circle K International. We support one CKI Club at the University of Central Florida.

Kiwanis Terrific Kids Program

The Kiwanis Terrific Kids program awards students for their character who may not necessarily be recognized for their grades. “Terrific” is an acronym for Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Inclusive, Friendly, Inquisitive and Capable. We currently sponsor the following Kiwanis Terrific Kids:

  • Andover Elementary
  • Corner Lake Middle
  • Little River Elementary
  • Union Park Middle
  • Waterford Elementary

BUG Program

This year, we are starting a new Kiwanis-branded program. The BUG, or Bring Up Grades, program awards students for bringing up their grades from one marking period to another.

  • Corner Lake Middle
  • Union Park Middle

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